Homestay Services International

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Homestay Services International Information Sheet

        One of the best ways to learn about Americans and about American customs is to stay with an American family while here in Southern California. If you are interested in living with an American host family, read this page carefully, then tear off and return the application form below. Keep this top portion for your information.
        Because most American families live away from the campus, students are usually required to ride the bus ($60-$70 USD per month) or to purchase or rent an automobile, motorcycle or bicycle for transportation.  The costs for renting a private room with a host family vary, but adults can expect to pay $800-$900 per month (to include breakfast and dinner daily, plus a lunchtime snack when you are at home on weekends or on other occasions.) ($800 - San Diego) ($900 - Mira Costa//Palomar/CSU San Marcos) ($900 Los Angeles/Orange County) ($900 Long Beach) ($900 Santa Monica/West Los Angeles).
        A $100 refundable security deposit (for damages, phone bills, etc.) is also required. Most families have one or two students, each with a private room. If there is a second student, he or she will be from a different country. A placement fee of $300 will be paid to Homestay Services International as compensation for our efforts in finding a suitable home for you. The airport pickup fee is $100 (San Diego), $100 (Mira Costa/Palomar/CSU San Marcos) and $100 (Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Long Beach & Orange Country).  
        You must be able to pay the first month's rent, the refundable deposit, the placement fee, and the airport pickup fee the day you move in. It is preferred that the money be in the form of U.S. cash (no credit cards, please).       


Detach and retain

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Please return this portion


Please print clearly

Your Name ____________________________________________________ Date _____________

Country __________________________________________ Sex: M ( ) F ( ) Age _____________

Address in Home Country ________________________________________________________________

Tel: ______________________ Fax: _____________________ EMail: ____________________________

Arrival Information: Airline ___________________ Flight #_________ Date________ Time _________

(Unless otherwise notified, we will pick you up at the airport!!)

Which school will you attend, if any? _______________________________________________________

Do you smoke? Yes ( ) No ( ) (please check one) If "yes", can you smoke outside? Yes ( ) No ( )

Can you live with a family that has a dog? Yes ( ) No ( )

Can you live with a family that has a cat? Yes ( ) No ( )

Can you live with a family that has small children (Under Age 10)? Yes ( ) No ( )

Who do you want food provided by? Your host family ( ) Yourself ( )

Which date will be your first day of the Homestay? ________________ Last Day of School? ______________

What form of transportation will you use? Car ( ) Public Transportation ( ) Other ( )

Other necessary information (Please let us know if you have any special requests, requirements or restrictions):